Why does the Magento 2 site’s speed affect your sales?

The slower your Magento 2 site loads, the more customers stuck in the midst of their shopping you get. It affects conversion rates, weakens your positions on Google search and encourages your customers to leave instead of making a purchase.

  • SEO Services for Magento Stores

    Increase a website ranking in search engines and grow organic traffic.
  • Magento Optimization Services

    Level up speed and performance to improve customer experience.
  • Magento Integration Services

    Integrate your store with CRM/ERP, marketplaces and other third-party solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Benefits of performance optimization

  • Increase your organic traffic
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Improve revenue
  • Decrease cart abandonment rates

What may be included in Magento 2 speed optimization?

  • Code optimizationWe audit your store and provide detailed technical recommendations. After approving the scope of work we perform the full optimization or fix the most critical issues
  • Theme optimization In order for your store to be fast, user-friendly and perform well, we can implement or adjust a theme. Be sure to have a feature-rich, customizable and responsive storefront.
  • Media optimizationAs per your request, we perform an image optimization without losing quality. Your site speed won’t be hindered by the weight of media files and will still look sharp.
  • Database and server optimizationWe offer to improve your database performance and productivity. Make sure your core business processes run smoothly - let us find and resolve any issues before they negatively affect productivity.
  • Cache configurationAccelerate your website performance and reduce load on your infrastructure. We perform analysis and cache configuration for your store to determine what brings the best results.
  • Extension optimizationWith your specific store parameters in mind, we configure and optimize a set of Magento extensions to bring the maximum efficiency for your business. Get the peak performing website with a 2 months warranty and support after the optimization is complete.

Explore our customers’ success stories

  • Global accessories store's audit and optimizationLearn how Transform Agency optimized a large-scale B2C platform overloaded with legacy code, and delivered a smooth eCommerce process for its customers.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a US-based retailerThe project entailed migrating our client’s custom site to Magento with a goal of expanding the list of products sold by the store. Our team developed a new ecommerce store integrated with external services and warehouses. As a result, the number of offered items increased by more than 20 times, while the number of orders delayed due to lack of goods in stock decreased to 0. The involvement of store staff in solving order management tasks decreased by 2 times.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a retailer from AsiaSee how our team created a wholesale site based on the customer's retail store but with a custom user registration process and the ability to order and deliver products from different regions and warehouses. In addition, our team implemented new inventory and an integration with the retail site via the client's ERP system.


Magento 2 Speed Optimization Tips

  • Choose Reliable Hosting.
  • Update the Magento Version.
  • Upgrade Package & Database.
  • Avoid Built-in Cache.
  • Keep Indexers Updated.
  • Use Varnish Cache.
  • Inspect Third-Party Modules.
  • Enable Magento Flat Catalogs

Why is my Magento site so slow?

Magento is so slow because you may be using unnecessary themes, extensions, and customizations. Also, Slow hardware, far hosting server, not caching data, not enabling flat catalog, not minifying CSS and JS, and not updating your store lead to Magento's slow performance

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