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We are an international Magento extension developer company that builds eCommerce software optimized for performance and increased return on investment. Experienced in eCommerce customers behavior, we deliver highly functional, user-friendly custom solutions that are scalable and maintainable to adapt to growing business needs and changing markets.

  • Full-cycle custom Magento module development

    Partnering with us you don’t need to invest in additional services as we offer an end-to-end solution customization and development. Your project roadmap includes the steps planned and approved individually and only in accordance with your requirements. No unnecessary scope and timeline increase or hidden fees.
  • Flexible offering and post-release quality guarantee

    Our extensive Magento expertise allows us to offer customization projects with any type of required scope including website development, mobile development and PWA solutions, theme development and installation, integrations with a wide range of third-party solutions needed to automate online shopping processes and more.
  • All compatibility and security issues are taken care of

    We enhance the functionality and match a unique combination of extensions and customizations your store has. Ultimate security, QA standards and sensitive data protection are key to ensure successful customization implementation for your Magento store.

Your trustworthy partner to develop and grow your Magento store

  • Scalable solutions
  • Robust functionality
  • Wide integration options
  • Compatibility and security
  • Increased performance

Our Magento extension development services and more

  • Extension customizationGet your Magento 2 custom module built and the features you require implemented by Magento professionals to operate with the highest effect on revenue.
  • Store optimizationUp your store performance to achieve noticeable effects of the website speed on your revenue.
  • Theme customizationGet your unique storefront optimized to your customers’ journey and adapted to their shopping habits with magento customization services
  • PWA developmentReach your customers shopping on mobile devices to provide all your shoppers the best experience regardless of the platform.
  • Payment methods integration Provide the best customer experience by integrating the most popular payment systems.
  • Third-party systems integrationIntegrate your internal systems in one cohesive eCommerce infrastructure to optimize the processes and save on manual work.
  • Data migrationShould you need your store’s data transferred during the project, be sure to have the migration done with no data loss and with maximum security.
  • Support and maintenanceEach project is granted a free 2-month post-release support period. Continue using our support services to ensure your store’s stable performance.

Explore our customers’ success stories

  • Magento Marketplace Development for Intermark ITLearn how Transform Agency created custom functionality for a new marketplace site where B2B customers would place orders that could be paid with a single payment at the end of the month. The client entered the market with a simplified shopping model and received orders within the first few days after the launch. Within a month, we rolled out a site with similar to Amazon functionality, where the buying processes were fully automated.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a US-based retailerThe project entailed migrating our client’s custom site to Magento with a goal of expanding the list of products sold by the store. Our team developed a new ecommerce store integrated with external services and warehouses. As a result, the number of offered items increased by more than 20 times, while the number of orders delayed due to lack of goods in stock decreased to 0. The involvement of store staff in solving order management tasks decreased by 2 times.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a retailer from AsiaSee how our team created a wholesale site based on the customer's retail store but with a custom user registration process and the ability to order and deliver products from different regions and warehouses. In addition, our team implemented new inventory and an integration with the retail site via the client's ERP system.


When is the Magento custom module development usually needed?

Magento custom module development may be needed in various situations, but typically if you:

  • need unique functionality;
  • have specific requirements;
  • need to integrate your store with third-party systems;
  • require custom user interfaces;
  • want to optimize the performance of your store;
  • have to comply with specific industry regulations or security standards;
  • require to adapt your store to upgrades or migrations.

How to start Magento?

  • Step 1: Choose a great domain name.
  • Step 2: Get Magento installation package and host Magento files on your server.
  • Step 3: Pick a Magento template.
  • Step 4: Customize your design to match your brand's colors and fonts.

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