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The majority of businesses who skip to invest in proper maintenance end up with higher risks of security breaches, slower site speed, lesser usability parameters which all together eventually affect revenue. Avoid all of the above in addition to costly development and get your technical issues with Magento fixed by eCommerce professionals.

  • Installation and configuration

    You can opt in for your Magento extensions to be installed and configured properly. Your eCommerce infrastructure will be running smoothly with no compatibility issues and no slowing down of the website.
  • Installing extension updates

    Per your request, we can perform extension updates to make sure you have the latest feature and compatibility updates ready and operational.
  • Extension customization

    Another option that we offer within our support and maintenance service offering is customizing your extensions to have additional more advanced features. We are confident to deliver a project of any size and complexity.

Proper maintenance and support means your store is:

  • Stable and secure
  • Up-to-date
  • No compatibility issues
  • Good Google score
  • Generating revenue growth

What can be included in your support package

  • Standard support and bugfix
  • Security patches installation
  • Extensions support and customization
  • Magento performance optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Magento consulting

Explore our customers’ success stories

  • Magento Marketplace Development for Intermark ITLearn how Transform Agency created custom functionality for a new marketplace site where B2B customers would place orders that could be paid with a single payment at the end of the month. The client entered the market with a simplified shopping model and received orders within the first few days after the launch. Within a month, we rolled out a site with similar to Amazon functionality, where the buying processes were fully automated.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a US-based retailerThe project entailed migrating our client’s custom site to Magento with a goal of expanding the list of products sold by the store. Our team developed a new ecommerce store integrated with external services and warehouses. As a result, the number of offered items increased by more than 20 times, while the number of orders delayed due to lack of goods in stock decreased to 0. The involvement of store staff in solving order management tasks decreased by 2 times.
  • Magento Wholesale Website for a retailer from AsiaSee how our team created a wholesale site based on the customer's retail store but with a custom user registration process and the ability to order and deliver products from different regions and warehouses. In addition, our team implemented new inventory and an integration with the retail site via the client's ERP system.


Why do we recommend investing in Magento website support and maintenance?

Qualitative Magento website support and maintenance provided by an experienced team of specialists who are knowledgeable in Magento can help you to:

  • ensure optimal performance and stability of your store;
  • timely upgrade your Magento and update extensions to the latest versions;
  • avoid potential technical issues;
  • keep your business information safe;
  • promptly identify and resolve bugs;
  • install security patches.

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