Why is going mobile a priority?

With a rapid growth of the number of mobile shoppers and opportunities provided to them by brands, it is crucial for any business to be able to compete for customers who use mobile devices as a primary way of purchasing products and services.

  • Be in line with online shopping habits

    Be close to your customers and offer the shopping experience they are most used to. Predict the trends and develop personalized offers using mobile technology in addition to your Magento online store
  • Decrease decision-making time

    Reduce the shopping journey for your customers by making it intuitive and fast. Provide a secure and fun experience for mobile device shoppers to generate more revenue
  • Make your brand visible and approachable

    Let customers find and browse through your store where and when it is most convenient for them. Consider investing in mobile discovery first to cater to a broader audience

Build your perfect Magento mobile eCommerce app with Transform Agency

Determine which technologies are popular within your target audience and build a strategy of mobile presence. As experts in eCommerce, we make sure to implement your strategy and deliver a native or a hybrid app your customers will be delighted to use.

  • iOS and AndroidOur mobile app development experts deliver native apps for iOS and Android-based devices that provide a robust shopping experience of a fully functional online store. Engage mobile distribution channels to increase ROI and drive revenue
  • Cross-PlatformInvest in building a single application that can run on multiple platforms. Save time and development costs and be present across all mobile operating systems. Reduce your time to market to compete successfully with less investment and more coverage
  • PWAWith PWA your Magento store is transformed to provide a shopping experience that feels like a native mobile app. It is a lightweight and high performance solution for businesses that would like their web-stores to run smoothly on mobile without building fully functional apps
  • Customer-facing appsAttract, engage and convert your mobile users with an app that represents your brand, provides a complete functionality of an online store and allows you to use diverse marketing techniques. Decrease time-to-purchase while building loyalty and increase customer retention.
  • Apps for adminsMake the process of business management more independent of the desktop computer. Speed up making important business decisions and simplify core business processes. Use mobile technology to run you offline operations like store and stock management as well as shipping as effectively as your digital operations

Explore our customers’ success stories

  • Global accessories store audit and optimizationLearn how Transform Agency optimized a large scale B2C platform overloaded with legacy code and delivered a smooth e-commerce process for its customers.
  • E-commerce core store developmentThe project entailed development of a scalable Magento 2 Core store for one of our B2B customers. The core requirement was for it to be ready for deployment on a large number of stores. Learn more about the solution that was implemnted by our experts.
  • Magento marketplace developmentLearn how TransformAgency created custom functionality for a new marketplace where B2B customers would place orders that could be paid with a single payment at the end of the month. As a result, our customer got a fully automated store and began receiving orders right after the launch.

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