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How to get 2.3x times higher sales with search and navigation adjustments



The client had been in the business for around 8 years at that time and the scaling wasn’t going so great during the past two years since they’ve finished the website development in full. Their store was actively using around 25 ready-made extensions from different vendors. The concern was that they’ve had all the functionality they needed, but it wasn’t working exactly the way they saw it, it wasn’t aligned with their vision.



The client has great knowledge of their target audience and knows what they would love to see, so we have started creating custom solutions to replace the ready-made extensions they’ve been using.

  • First, we’ve reworked their menu by removing unnecessary sections and adding a few custom ones.
  • Secondly, we’ve implemented a third-party search service to improve search results and its speed.
  • As a third step, we’ve created a custom promotion extension, which allowed the client to be more flexible during the promotion seasons and provide their users with the specific discount conditions they required.
  • Finally, we’ve created a custom module to manage their orders from the back-end.


As a result, their order management team started spending around 20% less time, which saved precious time. Website navigation and search became much more intuitive and was giving the result 3 times faster. In around 3 months since the implementation of those changes, customer has achieved the record sales during the holiday season which was 2.3x times higher than during the same period of time last year.


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